Welcome to  Frontend Dashboard WordPress Plugin Demo

Frontend Dashboard is one of the most flexible WordPress plugin to manage users in Frontend Dashboard rather in WP Admin Dashboard.

All user activities can be easily managed in Frontend Dashboard based on their user role permissions.

Some of the cool Features of Frontend Dashboard

  1. Custom Login
  2. Custom Register
  3. Custom Frontend Dashboard – Custom Colors
  4. Restrict WP Admin
  5. Restrict Username on Registration
  6. Automatic Menu Update based on User Role like Login or Dashboard and Logout
  7. Custom User Role
  8. Restrict Upload Files based on User Role
  9. Hide WP Menu Bar Based on User Role
  10. Dashboard Menu based on User Role – External Link – Show Pages
  11. Custom User Fields based on User Roles
  12. Create Custom Post
  13. Create Custom Taxonomies
  14. Captcha for Login and Register
  15. Frontend Dashboard Status